The “Awesome Traverse” Route

The Awesome Traverse Route

This route follows the excellently engineered and cardio friendly ‘Grande Traverse’ trail to access the ‘Awesome’ Trail and its spectacular views. Once at the top of Awesome trail there are many options to explore. This route shows continuing on to the summit and then the Cross. Then descend via the Danilizer trail and Forest Roads (Old M/L, B-Road) to get to Muni Trail that takes you back to trailhead.

Awesome Traverse Route Map (Draft)


  1. Park on Nevilane Dr (Google Maps Link)
  2. Enter the trail between the northern set of cement barriers (NOT the ones by the Crosswalk!)
  3. Head up Muni Trail to Grand Traverse Trail
  4. Follow Grand Traverse to switchback near Awesome Trail
  5. Take short connector trail to Awesome Trail (No Bikes on Awesome Trail)
  6. Steep ascent up Awesome Trail to Field of Dreams

After connecting with Field of Dreams, there are numerous options for returning, this route indicates taking Field of Dreams to Cyclops, Rocky Ridge, Boogyman, Danilizer, Old M/L, B-Road, then down Muni Trail.

A shorter route would be to take the T-Road, B-Road, and then Municipal Trail back to the start point


  1. Awesome Traverse Route Map (Draft)
  2.  Geomap for this route also available! Follow general install instructions here, and select Tzouhalem Awesome Traverse map from the list of available Heavy-J Geomaps (This is a FREE MAP)

Duncan, British Columbia

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