The “Awesome” Trail

The Awesome Trail

The “Awesome” Trail is a steep 2km trail going from the Power Line to Field of Dreams. This relatively unknown gem ascends on the East side of the mountain providing ‘Awesome’ views of Maple Bay, Birds Eye Cove/Farm, and Salt Spring Island


  1. Park on Nevilane Dr (Google Maps Link)
  2. Enter the trail between the northern set of cement barriers (NOT the ones by the Crosswalk!)
  3. Head toward Muni Trail. Stay left at first junction. This trail heads to Power Line
  4. Follow Power Line for 2 kms (20 mins)
  5. Start of trail is flagged with Orange tape (as of Nov 2015)
  6. Steep ascent up Awesome Trail to Field of Dreams for 2 kms (60 mins)
  7. After connecting with Field of Dreams, there are numerous options for returning. The Mapped Route below indicates taking the T-Road, B-Road, and then Municipal Trail back to the start point


  1. Awesome” Trail Map – 8×11
  2. Geomap for this route also available! Follow general install instructions here, and select Tzouhalem Awesome Trail map from the list of available Heavy-J Geomaps (This is a FREE MAP)
  3. If you have the free Avenza PDF app, use the ‘Import Map from QR Code‘ option to scan code below for instant (free) install of this map onto your smart phone

Awesome Trail QR code

3 thoughts on “The “Awesome” Trail”

  1. Not all trails are good for bikes. Awesome is just that but subject to erosion. Let’s keep it pristine.

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