Mad Dog (From Genoa Bay / Khenipsen Road)

Mad Dog Trail

Map: Mad Dog Trail

This trail, accessed from either Genoa Bay or Khenipsen Road, offers some the best views of Cowichan Bay, Genoa Bay, Maple Bay, and Sansum Narrows on Mt. Tzouhalem. With approximately 2km of ‘Up’, it is also a great leg and cardio workout. Fortunately, there are numerous lookouts and even a beautiful bench to catch your breath, have a snack, and soak in the scenery. Give yourself 3 to 4 hours round trip to do this trail.

Link to story behind the bench


This trail can be accessed from either Genoa Bay Road or Khenipsen Road. Parking is limited at both trail heads. Please be respectful of all parking signs and private property.

From Genoa Bay (Google Maps link):
1) Drive to Genoa Bay. Just before you enter the village, there is a sharp 90 degree corner. Trail head is right on this corner.
2) First 200 meters of trail skirts around fenced (barb wired) private property.
3) About 500 meters into the trail, stay left at the junction (Going right takes you on a short steep trail that bypasses the lookouts and connects back to Mad Dog).
4) Trail then slopes gently upwards to the intersection with the Khenipsen Trail (First Lookout).
5) Go Right at the Jct (i.e. take the trail marked ‘Summit’) and follow Mad Dog Trail to the top of mountain.


2020 – No Access from Khenipsen Road

From Khenipsen Road (Google Maps link):
1) Drive to the very end of Khenipsen Road and park. Limited parking here.

2) Take the gravel road on the right. After about 100 meters go left at the junction where there is a large metal barrel.
3) After a short steep section, trail ascends gently upwards for approx 1km to the First Lookout and the Mad Dog Trail Jct.
4) Go Left at the Jct (i.e. take the trail marked ‘Summit’) and follow Mad Dog Trail to the top of mountain.



  1. Mad Dog Trail – 8×11
  2. Geomap for this route also available! Follow general install instructions here, and select Tzouhalem Mad Dog Trail map from the list of available Heavy-J Geomaps (This is a FREE MAP)
  3. If you have the free Avenza PDF app on your Smart Phone, use the ‘Import Map from QR Code‘ option to scan code below for instant (free) install of this map onto your smart phone

Mad Dog QR Code


Mad Dog Trail GoPro action (Mark Law)

Duncan, British Columbia

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