A Grand Traverse (Climbing Trail)

Climbing Trail

A Grand Traverse – Map

“A Grand Traverse (AGT)” is a smooth and flowy 5 km trail that takes you from Nevilane Drive up to the E-Road. Perfect for riders of all levels. A great alternative to getting up into the Mt Zoo Trail network


  1. Park on Nevilane Dr (Google Maps Link)
  2. Enter the trail between the northern set of cement barriers… NOT the ones by the Crosswalk!
  3. Get on the Muni Trail, follow for about 300m to small bridge
  4. Cross bridge, Climbing Trail is 3rd trail on left after bridge
  5. A few mins into trail, there is a junction. Stay RIGHT
  6. Trail follows Eastern boundary of 2015 clear-cut
  7. Trail Continues past the E-Road to bottom of Finality trail


  1. A Grand Traverse (Climbing Trail) – Map
  2. Geomap for this route also available! Follow general install instructions here, and select Tzouhalem Climbing Trail map from the list of available Heavy-J Geomaps (This is a FREE MAP)
  3. If you have the free Avenza PDF app, use the ‘Import Map from QR Code‘ option to scan code below for instant (free) install of this map onto your smart phone

Climbing Trail QR code2



7 thoughts on “A Grand Traverse (Climbing Trail)”

    1. This trail is mixed use – hiker and biker friendly. Bikes do come down trail quickly in some places so always keep eyes and ears open! Fortunately they’re not many blind spots so hikers / bikers generally see each other approaching.

      1. Awesome, thank you : ) Is it about a 1 hour return time for a fit hiker going at a good pace? and to a lookout point?

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