Mt Tzouhalem Trail Poll

Give us your feedback on the Mt Tzou Trail Network. Select your favorite trails below. Its a fairly long list of trails, but your input will help identify trail maintenance priorities in 2017:

View a Map of current user voted Top 10 Trails (2017)

You can only vote once a day, but vote as much as you want.


8 thoughts on “Mt Tzouhalem Trail Poll”

  1. Comment from Neil:
    Improvements to connections along the East and West ridges. These days, most of my Tzou rides are from the top to either, Danalizer area or Field of Dreams area to get a large loop with maximum ridge riding. I feel like there are certain connectors that, if cleaned up, would smooth out these more epic loops. With a couple buffed up epic ridge loops, it would make very attractive destination rides to would bring more people to the area.

  2. Comment from Unknown:
    Every trail is beat down. Every trail just needs a little love and they would be great for the most part. New trails and regular maintenance on old trails would be unreal.

    I would love to see a nice climbing trial on tzo, similar to cobble hill or maple mtn. Better mapped out trails.. (longer with less sumps) More consistant down hill. (UNLIKE MAPLE) If maple had a “downhill” trail similar to DD but not the same. ( you would get something out of that hurt climb… that never ends… even downhill its uphill…

  3. Comment from Jim H:
    I like the idea of one main trail loop from the water tower parking lot to the top view point and the choice of a fast and flowing down on double d or a slower technical option like danilizer.

  4. Comment from Unknown

    Trails like double d are amazing. It would be nice to have more trails that wind back and forth like finality, that have lots of flow but are a little rougher with more features – little boosts etc. double d is just so fast and straight down the mountain.
    Keep up the great work.

  5. The XC nature of the Zoo must be preserved. The fact that many/most of the trails can be ridden in either direction is what makes this area so great. For many of us, a Climbing Trail is unnecessary, piecing together a different climb to the top every ride is much more enjoyable. DD is a fun descent for some riders, but many of us prefer many of the more technical, varied routes down that can be put together on this hill. For those riders who want a Climbing Trail/1 Route Down, Maple Mtn has this, Mt Prevost keeps the big bikes happy, let’s keep Mt Tzouhalem’s XC character intact.

  6. Spencer from Sooke comment:

    The Tzou’ has been my favorite destination for running, hiking, biking and in the old days motor cycling for over 40 years. It’s has a fantastic ‘all mountain’ biking trail network that is world class.
    The introduction of bearmed downhill trails is the only shortfall because they intersect and cross too many cross country trails and hiking roads. Thanks for your maps. Ride for the fun of it! Enjoy this south island jewel often.

  7. Comment from Karl:

    The Tzou’s x-country riding and hiking atmosphere is it’s forte’ and what it is famous for. Down hill trails for big bikes on the east slopes are well placed. The fast, bermed DH trail (DD??) – that crosses roads and other trails is misplaced and dangerous. For a small area there are many options for fun by all forms of users. Great web site!

  8. Comment from Jeanette:
    First time hikers today and parked at Napska Rd parking lot…followed Mainline but thought trails were not marked well for to top but never had a view and were unsure where to go…need more signs or at least a map in the parking lot

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