Stoney Hill

Stoney Hill Trail

The new Stoney Hill road provides convenient access to the beautiful Stoney Hill Trail. This relatively short, gently rolling 3.4 km loop is ideal for hikers of all ages and abilities. Approximately 1km of the trail traverses along a series of bluff lookouts with spectacular views of Sansum Narrows and Saltspring Island.


From Duncan to Trail head:

  1. Take Maple Bay Road to Genoa Bay Road.
  2. Take Genoa Bay Road for 5 km to Stoney Hill Road.
  3. Go Left on Stoney Hill Road and follow for 1.3 km to trail head parking.
  4. Approx 200m up trail there is a junction. The attached map shows going RIGHT at the jct and following an old forest road for approx 800m to the bluffs.
  5. The trail then traverses along the bluffs to several lookouts. After the 2nd lookout, the forest road turns into a single track trail.
  6. After the last lookout, the trail drops back into the forest and takes you back to jct noted in Step 4, above.
  7. Google Map to start of Stoney Hill Road (Road is so new its not in Google Maps yet)


  1. Stoney Hill Trail Map
  2. Geomap for these routes also available, so you can use your smart phones’ built in GPS to see your position on the map. Follow general install instructions here, and search for ‘Stoney Hill Heavy J’   from the list of available Heavy-J Geomaps (These are FREE MAPs)


Winter on Stoney Hill

Duncan, British Columbia

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