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  1. wow man your website rocks its probally the only reason im not still lost in the bush. got question i lovethe bridges like zig zag, like 5 feet and under drops but love to build up confidence for bigger. i done emmas express and skywalker, doms tripple sec has some fun stuff to too big for me. wat trails u suggest up higher. started at midle t by the road gap but went right at junction and had harder ride, brutal up hill sections that no fully would ride. which way is a fasater flowwy way down and is there an updated map.

    thanks tryin to get down there in 2 weeks again.

  2. Great site James, so informative and some trails I didn’t know were there. Now I have to go check them out! I don’t do any biking up there but love to wander the trails and explore the mountain.

  3. Heavy J… thanks for all your hard work and many many hours spent mapping all the trails. There are so many trails I never new existed on Maple and Richards… I have enjoyed many great run/hike and bike adventures using your maps and the app. Many thanks!

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