Trail Maps

Use maps at your own risk, I assume no responsibility for anything (injuries, accidents, getting lost) that may result from the use of these maps. Ride safely!

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 Mt Tzouhalem Maps: Totally Updated. Totally Awesome. Check it out

If you have the free Avenza PDF app, use the ‘Import Map from QR Code‘ option to scan code below for instant (free) install of the Mt Tzou Trail map onto your smart phone

GeoMap QR Code

8 thoughts on “Trail Maps”

  1. Hi, and great to see back with new site.

    Looking forward to the updated map with all the new trails and some photos for all to enjoy.

  2. I really appreciate the work you have done to create this site and keep it updated. Keep it up and I hope to meet you on the Tzou trails.

    1. I haven’t seen many horses on the mountain over the years. This may be because the parking lot would be challenging to get / park a trailer in.

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