All Trails – GeoMap Install process

Get the App. Get the Map. Stay on Track.

1 – Get the App. On your SmartPhone, go to the App store and Search for and install the Free  ‘Avenza PDF Maps’ app.


2 – Get the Map.   The Heavy-J GeoMap is available in the Map Store.

  • Open the Avenza PDF App on your SmartPhone.
  • Select the STORE icon at the bottom of the app, and then use the magnifying glass to search for “Heavy-J Duncan“. I’d suggest searching with the ‘List’ view option.
  • Select the Tzouhalem Geomap (or any of the other maps you’d like), and Install. The new map will show up in your list of maps.

3 – Stay on Track.   When you’re on Mt Tzouhalem,  select the ‘Tzouhalem GeoMap‘  (or any of the other map you’ve installed), map and you will see your position relative to trail map (“The Blue Dot”).

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